In the Ganeko company the method 135 (shielded arc welding) MAG is mainly used.
Like additional method the method 111 (consumable electrode welding) MMA and TIG-welding is used.

Ganeko company welds all types of steels. Our company has a long-year experience with welding and machining of hardened and abrasion resistant steels (e.g. Hardox, Brinar, HB, Brinell, Creusabro). The company worked out WPS according the norm ÈSN EN 288-3. The observance of the norms is ensured by welding personnel (EWE-European Welding Engineer and EWT- European Welding Technologist). By the production of steel construction and technical equipment the operating regulations Nr.22/1997 and 102/2001 (ENV /EN 1993 a 1090) are kept..

welding seam

There are approximately 45 welders and fitters working in the company and following welding machines are used for the production:

welding seam welding seams in the tank

The whole welding process with the following quality supervision enables, that the product is appropriate for the given purpose. The supervision is performed from the beginning by designing, by material procurement, by welding and within the final quality supervision.


welding certificateWe are holder of the Welding certificate according the EN 1090-2 issued by GSI SLV Berlin. (300 kB)