Information about the company

Our company has a tradition with manufacturing since seventies years of last century. At this time a locksmithery production and manufacturing of steel fabrication was carried out for building industry. Since May 1995 a new management has taken over a previously formed company.
The company is situated on the area of about 14 000 m2 in the beginning of industrial zone of the city. Industrial zone is near by the centre of the city, the main entrance to the premises is from the main road direction Krnov/Bruntál.

Nowadays Ganeko company employs 100 workers and in its production program enables to produce complex weldings and construction equipment including mechanical machining.Our company has a long-year experience with welding and machining of hardened and abrasion resistant steels (e.g. Hardox, Brinar, HB, Brinell, Creusabro).

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The company has about 4000 m2 of working area and is able to handle the orders amounting to 100 - 150 tons per month.

Main assortment of the production of the company are:

All production is performed on custom-manufactured basis or on the basis of longterm contractual co-operation. Our company offers: